We all recognise the power of makeup.
It changes more than just how we look - it transforms the way we feel.
Natasha Moor cosmetics inspires inner power to complement outer beauty.
Founder and creator Natasha Moor believes we can all shine as our true selves, whoever we may be.
The luxurious collection of 21 bold and empowering matte lipsticks aim to unleash the power and confidence within, enabling women to not only feel beautiful but indestructible.
“Be fearless when facing the power of the woman in the mirror. She can change our world.” #DoMOOR

Natasha Moor’s ethos is to inspire the women who have inspired her.
As a passionate makeup artist she experiences the pure joy of helping women feel beautiful and confident. Noticing that the final touch of her custom mixed lipsticks shades were the GAME CHANGER that put a huge smile on her clients faces, she has created a palette of ideal colours for every woman, packaged to spread confidence and empower.
Our goal at Natasha Moor is to inspire and to be inspired; to be a GOAL DIGGER, create a STORM, follow our dreams and make a difference in our world.

#DoMOOR is Natasha Moor’s initiative to make a unique mark on the world. #DoMOOR encourages us to make the most of our lives; for both ourselves and the community around us.
Natasha Moor is driven to support women in need; women who need to find confidence that has been lost, taken, or in some cases never existed. A percentage of lipstick sale profits are donated to supporting victims of domestic abuse around the world.
Please support and #DoMOOR to inspire - and to be inspired in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.