Natasha Moor

As a world-renowned makeup artist, Natasha Moor has recognized and harnessed the transformative power of makeup to help inspire and empower women around the world.

Her years of experience motivated her to find a way to inspire women to embrace their beauty – both inside and out. For her beauty line, she sought to create a range of products that women could feel good in, while inspiring them to be the best versions of themselves.

With names such as “Fearless”, “Game Changer” and “Conquer”, Natasha Moor Cosmetics’ products are designed to not only help create luxurious looks that will flatter every skin tone, but also provide affirmations that will motivate you to achieve your aspirations and inspire you to find what makes you uniquely beautiful.

Our Mission

We believe that beauty comes from within.

We lead with kindness and confidence.

We advocate for positivity and self-love

We empower those around us to embrace the fire inside them.

We embrace everything that makes you uniquely YOU.