An official favorite. The colour that’s on everyone’s mind and soon on everyone’s lips; a combination of browny HUSTLER with peachy pink DREAMER. Natasha’s ultimate go-to shade.

Natasha’s favourite moment when she saw someone wearing this:  

This shade is the love child of hustler and dreamer combined, I am constantly mixing shades together to create different looks and fell in love with this one and called it bulletproof. Its now my everyday shade- definitely my favourite, must have- can’t live without colour. whenever I wear this shade, I feel confident, its the perfect shade to achieve fuller looking lips, with such a natural touch to it. This shade hooks people on to my molten mattes, especially when they’ve never used liquid mattes before. which brings me to this next story - I was on a flight (do all my stories really begin like this?) and the lady that was sitting next to me looked like she was extremely stressed out. She kept turning around and looking. it was a very FULL, packed with loud children, SMALL, domestic flight. I turned to her and said “is everything okay” she told me that she had 5 of her kids with her on the flight but they were all separated in different seats- 3 of them were under 6 years old and it was their first time flying. such a wonderfully caring and loving mother and I couldn’t even imagine how stressful that must be- 5 KIDS, all on different seats! They were on the way from LA to Miami to celebrate a big family gathering. she said something that struck me .. “I used to love flying before, but now, I feel so scared to fly because I have so many people to live for and so many kids to care about, so I get a little worried when I fly” The only thing I could think of doing was applauding her by giving her a lipstick to show how amazing and inspired I was by her. The new piece I had in my handbag was “bulletproof” HOW FITTING! I explained what my brand was all about and how I started. She tried this shade on immediately and LOVED IT! The look of joy on her face and the sudden calm feeling she got was so wonderful to see, she was so excited to use this for the big celebrations in Miami. 

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