When your looking for something muted but a nude just won’t do - this is the perfect boss babe shade. A shade that says "No one is you and that is your power”

Natasha’s favourite moment when she saw someone wearing this: when I first launched and I was working on a bride in a new city, I would get a line of people waiting outside my hotel room just so they can purchase my lipsticks (as flattering as that was it was pretty creepy, I know!! I had to put my room on incognito so no one would find out my room number) I remember someone banging on my room door saying “HI Natasha, I just want boss, please please answer please I want boss” as desperate and funny as that sounded - I actually got SO excited- people were going bonkers for my shades that weren’t available anywhere else but on my website that they would go to that level for lipstick. I secretly loved how much people loved the products. I opened the door and let her in and thanked her for he love and support for my lipsticks, she ended up buying a bunch of lipsticks for her friends and family.

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