The perfect deep red for every woman. This is the shade that’s sure to make heads break, not just turn! A colour you will need to conquer the world.

Natasha’s favourite moment when she saw someone wearing this: I have several memories of this shade- firstly its one of the sexiest red colours out there, whenever someone has tried this shade on, their reaction has always been WOW, how sexy is this!! There's something about the deepness of this red that sharpens your look but keeps it so elegant at the same time. The memory that's clearest to me is when I used this on a Bollywood actress, a very dear friend friend of mine, my mentor and the most beautiful PURE soul- after battling cancer, the name of this shade was PERFECT for her to wear because she DOES conquer- she is one of the most inspiring women in the world and has just released her autobiography - she is a woman that is without a doubt going to change the world with her words and her heart. The moment she put this lipstick on for a shoot, you could see the fire in her eyes and her soul! I will never forget that day she fell in love with this shade. since that day CONQUER forever belongs to her. 

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